Fungus Stump

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Fungus Stump
Fungus Stump.gif

Fungus Stumps are a type of block added by Horticulture. They allow you to grow fungus under any condition and automatically harvest them easily. In order to use them you will need to get your hands on some Crimson Fungus Spores or Warped Fungus Spores. These can be obtained by placing the relevant fungus in to the Seed Maker. Once you have the spores, simply place them in to a Fungus Stump by right click. They will then periodically grow in to full fungi which can then be harvested. You can use a hopper to automatically harvest them. Keep in mind that fungi can only be harvested a limited number of times. After that they will just disappear.


Image Name Recipe Type Ingredients
Crimson Fungus Stump.png Crimson Fungus Stump Shapeless Crimson Stem.png Crimson Stem

Fungi.gif Fungi

Warped Fungus Stump.png Warped Fungus Stump Shapeless Warped Stem.png Warped Stem

Fungi.gif Fungi

Growth Limits

Each fungus type has a limit on the number of growths.

Input Output Limit
Crimson Fungus Spores.png Crimson Fungus Spores Crimson Fungus.png Crimson Fungus 15
Warped Fungus Spores.png Warped Fungus Spores Warped Fungus.png Warped Fungus 25


Adding custom fungi to the Fungi Stumps

You can add items to be grown from the stump. For custom fungi if they don't have a spores item ideally you will use a mod to create a custom item to use as the input and then assign their block as the output. This is done using datapacks using the standard vanilla recipe system. Below is the example for how the crimson fungus gets added.

  "type": "horticulture:nether_stump",
  "ingredient": {
    "item": "horticulture:crimson_fungus_spores"
  "result": "minecraft:crimson_fungus",
  "count": 1,
  "max growths": 15