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Seeds Turnip Seeds.png Turnip Seeds
Growth Time 3 stages
Source Tall Grass
Season Spring.png SpringWet Season.png Wet Season
Food Restoration 1 (Half Hunger.png)

The Turnip is a crop added by the Horticulture mod. They have 3 stages of growth and will only produce one crop. With the Simply Seasons mod installed they will only be able to grow in the Spring season. You can find seeds for the turnip crop by breaking tall grass. You will receive 1-3 turnip seeds when you place a turnip in the Seed Maker.


Stage 1 Stage 2 Harvest
Turnip Stage 1.png
Turnip Stage 2.png
Turnip Stage 3.png


Image Name Recipe
Pickled Turnip.png Pickled Turnip Shapeless Turnip.png TurnipPlate.png Plate