Seed Maker

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Seed Maker
Seed Maker.png

The Seed Maker is a block added by Horticulture. It allows you to turn crop in to seeds. When you place a crop in it there is a 10% chance that you will get 3 seeds, and a 70% chance you will get 2 seeds otherwise you will get 1 seed.


Image Name Recipe Type Ingredients
Seed Maker.png Seed Maker Shaped
Planks.gif Planks 32px Crops Planks.gif Planks
Planks.gif Planks Redstone.gif Redstone Planks.gif Planks
Planks.gif Planks Composter.png Composter Planks.gif Planks

Seed Maker Recipes

Input Output
Wheat.png Wheat Wheat Seeds.png Wheat Seeds x 1-3
Beetroot.png Beetroot Beetroot Seeds.png Beetroot Seeds x 1-3
Turnip.png Turnip Turnip Seeds.png Turnip Seeds x 1-3
Cucumber.png Cucumber Cucumber Seeds.png Cucumber Seeds x 1-3
Strawberry.png Strawberry Strawberry Seeds.png Strawberry Seeds x 1-3
Cabbage.png Cabbage Cabbage Seeds.png Cabbage Seeds x 1-3
Onion.png Onion Onion Seeds.png Onion Seeds x 1-3
Tomato.png Tomato Tomato Seeds.png Tomato Seeds x 1-3
Corn.png Corn Corn Seeds.png Corn Seeds x 1-3
Pineapple.png Pineapple Pineapple Seeds.png Pineapple Seeds x 1-3
Eggplant.png Eggplant Eggplant Seeds.png Eggplant Seeds x 1-3
Spinach.png Spinach Spinach Seeds.png Spinach Seeds x 1-3
Sweet Potato.png Sweet Potato Sweet Potato Slips.png Sweet Potato Slips x 1-3
Green Pepper.png Green Pepper Green Pepper Seeds.png Green Pepper Seeds x 1-3
Brown Mushroom.png Brown Mushroom Brown Mushroom Spores.png Brown Mushroom Spores x 1-3
Red Mushroom.png Red Mushroom Red Mushroom Spores.png Red Mushroom Spores x 1-3
Crimson Fungus.png Crimson Fungus Crimson Fungus Spores.png Crimson Fungus Spores x 1-3
Warped Fungus.png Warped Fungus Warped Fungus Spores.png Warped Fungus Spores x 1-3


Work Speed

You can change the speed of the Seed Maker using the Time Units file in the Penguin-Lib database. You will need to add an entry called "horticulture:seed_maker".

Custom Recipes

You can add recipes to the Seed Maker using datapacks, they do not have to be seeds but ideally should be. You can find an example below.

Oak Leaves > 2-6 saplings The below code will take oak leaves as an input and produce 2-6 saplings. Note: The 1-3 seeds by is a multiplier.

  "type": "horticulture:seed_maker",
  "ingredient": {
    "item": "minecraft:oak_leaves"
  "result": "minecrat:oak_sapling",
  "count": 2