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If you wish to know how to add seasons to a world look at Seasonal Worlds or for weather at Seasonal Weather or crops Growth Seasons. This article is how to modify the season stats themselves. If you wish to change the season length multiplier you can make use of the Time Units system and add an entry for season_length_multiplier. The default value for that is 4. Seasons will always be in a multiple of 7, just to keep them lined up with the days of week for gameplay purposes. If you are running a dedicated server then season lengths are by default multiplied by 10 in 1.0.7 and below giving 280 days/seasons and is a fixed value. In 1.0.8 and above it will default to 3 giving 84 days/season, you can change it using dedicated_server_season_multiplier

Modifying the seasons

You can change the colours, sunset, sunrise etc for each season. To do this use the Penguin-Lib database and create the following csv. These are the default values so modify as planned. Take note that wet/dry do not make use of sunrise or sunset and they are in game ticks. (Offset by 6000 to make them more readable)