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The Recycler is a block added by Piscary. It allows you to turn junk that you fish up in to more useful items.


Image Name Recipe Type Ingredients
Recycler.png Recycler Shaped
Stone.png Stone Stick.png Stick Stone.png Stone
Stone.png Stone Piston.png Piston Stone.png Stone
Stone.png Stone Lever.png Lever Stone.png Stone

Recycling Recipes

Input Output
Fish Bones.png Fish Bones Bone Meal.png Bone Meal x 2
Old Boot.png Old Boot Leather.png Leather x 1
Empty Can.png Empty Can Iron Nugget.png Iron Nugget x 3
Fish Fossil.png Fish Fossil Coal.png Coal x 1
Wool.gif Wool String.png String x 3


Work Speed

You can change the speed of the Recycler using the Time Units file in the Penguin-Lib database. You will need to add an entry called "piscary:recyler".

Custom Recipes

You can add recipes to the recycler using datapacks. You can find some examples below.

Leather Boots > Leather x 3 The below code will take leather boots as an input and produce 3 pieces of leather

  "type": "piscary:recycler",
  "ingredient": {
    "item": "minecraft:leather_boots"
  "result": "minecraft:leather",
  "count": 3

Logs > Stick x 12 Simply making the input item any type of log, and outputting a stick

  "type": "piscary:recycler",
  "ingredient": {
    "tag": "minecraft:logs"
  "result": "minecraft:stick",
  "count": 12