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Penguin-Lib v 0.4.0+ allows you to leave, join or invite players to a team with commands. These teams are currently used in Shopaholic. And allow you to manager your balance between your team members and your personal balance. There are a few commands to understand.

Command Function
/penguin team create TEAM_NAME Creates a team with the name, it must be unique
/penguin team invite PLAYER_NAME Invites the player with that name to your team
/penguin team list_invites Produces a list of all the teams you have been invited to
/penguin team join TEAM_NAME Join this team, it will only work if either you're invited or the team has no members
/penguin team leave Makes you leave your current team
/penguin team rename If you're the creator of the team you can rename it
/penguin team reject TEAM_NAME Clear out the invite for that team