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Sapling Orange Sapling.png Orange Sapling
Fruit Orange.png Orange
Fruit Growth Time 4 stages
Source Village plains houses.
Season Summer.png Summer
Food Restoration 3 (Hunger.pngHalf Hunger.png)

The Orange Tree is a fruit bearing tree added by the Horticulture mod. They grow from the Orange Sapling. Once fully grown they will spawn Orange Fruit blocks under their leaves which can be harvested when fully mature. With the Simply Seasons mod installed they will only be able to grow in the Summer season. You can find orange saplings in village plains houses.


Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Harvest
Orange Stage 1.png
Orange Stage 2.png
Orange Stage 3.png
Orange Stage 4.png


Image Name Recipe
Orange Juice.png Orange Juice Shapeless Orange.png OrangeGlass.png Glass