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Harvest Festival is a collection of mods that were originally inspired by the Harvest Moon series of games but have also more recently also taken inspiration from Stardew Valley. Once an all in one package the mod has now been split up in to various elements. This not only allows for greater choice of which parts to play with as well as allowing some of the mods to work in a more vanilla environment. It also makes it more manageable to maintain. Everything is much more customisable now and the plan is to continue that. The first few elements that have been released are the crops, trees and sprinklers element known as Horticulture, the season element known as Simply Seasons, the animal care element: Husbandry the fishing element Piscary and the economy/shops/shipping element, Shopaholic. All of these mods require Penguin-Lib. Also released is Daydreamer which is a simple utility mod to let the player sleep in the daytime which is essential for the collection.

Coming soon...

The next mod I will be working on is an update to the cooking recipe and kitchen mechanics and then after that the Farming Overhaul (with daily growth etc).. Once this is done I will move on to the NPCS, Towns, Quests (utility). Then after that I will work on bringing everything together as one, with the mechanics as a whole as before under Harvest Festival.