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The Incubator is a block added by Husbandry. When you place an egg in the incubator over a few days it will end up hatching in to a baby chicken. As long as the egg came from a nest then they baby will have half of the happiness of its parents when being born.


Image Name Recipe Type Ingredients
Nest.png Nest Shaped
Planks.gif Planks Hay Bale.png Hay Bale Planks.gif Planks
Planks.gif Planks Planks.gif Planks Planks.gif Planks

Custom incubator recipes

You can add your own incubation recipes. When placed in the incubator they will still look like the vanilla egg however but they will function as their own items. You can do this by using datapacks. You can find an example of how the default egg works below. You could for example add spawn eggs to produce the mobs. Or have slimeballs incubate in to baby slimes. It's up to you!

  "type": "husbandry:incubator",
  "ingredient": {
    "item": "minecraft:egg"
  "entity": "minecraft:chicken",
  "amount": 1