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Bait is an item added by Piscary. You can attach the bait to any fishing rod by placing the bait next to a rod in your hotbar and then right click it. To remove the bait from a fishing rod, simply shift click that fishing rod. Bait will increase the default speed at which the fishing rod will catch fish. Its main purpose however is in conjunction with the Fish Trap where it is used to seed that block in order to automatically fish.


Image Name Recipe Type Ingredients
Bait.png Bait x 64 Shapeless Raw Beef.png Raw Beef


You can add any item in the game to count as bait. You can also assign that item a value to how much it increases the speed when fishing and the luck factor. There is also the ability to assign a custom loot table to this item. This loot table is ONLY applied when using the bait in a Fish Trap. To do this you will need to use the Penguin-Lib database files and create a csv in data/NAMESPACE/database/bait.csv. Below you can find an example of the csv format and how it is used to add the data for the basic bait item as well as the worm from Aquaculture.

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