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Animals in Husbandry require a much greater level of care. They need to be fed and loved at a minimum. Will live only a certain amount of years, some need to be cleaned and those which produce products such as cows will produce much less quantity. For example while in vanilla you can obtain infinite milk buckets, with Husbandry by default cows will only produce one bucket of milk per day. This can be increased by leveling up their Happiness though. Animals also have a limited lifespan although by default you're unlikely to see much of your animals expire, except for maybe chickens since each animal year is considered as 112 days by default. (Based off of 28 days/season, 4 seasons/year).

Image Species Entities Lifespan Gestation Maturity Product Treats
Cat Cat.png CatOcelot.png Ocelot 10 to 20 years 5 days 7 days N/A Generic Treat.png Generic Treat (3)Cat Treat.png Cat Treat (24)
Chicken Chicken.png Chicken 3 to 10 years 3 days 3 days Egg.png Egg (Everyday) Generic Treat.png Generic Treat (5)Chicken Treat.png Chicken Treat (26)
Cow Cow.png Cow 12 to 20 years 9 days 14 days Milk Bucket.png Milk Bucket (Everyday) Generic Treat.png Generic Treat (7)Cow Treat.png Cow Treat (24)
Donkey Donkey.png DonkeyMule.png Mule 25 to 30 years 24 days 12 days N/A Generic Treat.png Generic Treat (22)Horse Treat.png Horse Treat (11)
Horse Horse.png Horse 25 to 30 years 24 days 12 days N/A Generic Treat.png Generic Treat (10)Horse Treat.png Horse Treat (22)
Llama Llama.png Llama 15 to 25 years 11 days 10 days N/A Generic Treat.png Generic Treat (7)Llama Treat.png Llama Treat (24)
Mooshroom Mooshroom.png Mooshroom 13 to 21 years 11 days 21 days Mushroom Stew.png Mushroom Stew (Everyday) Generic Treat.png Generic Treat (24)Cow Treat.png Cow Treat (7)
Parrot Parrot.png Parrot 25 to 50 years 4 days 36 days N/A Generic Treat.png Generic Treat (3)Parrot Treat.png Parrot Treat (24)
Pig Pig.png Pig 6 to 10 years 4 days 4 days Truffle Block.png Truffle Block (Everyday) Generic Treat.png Generic Treat (20)Pig Treat.png Pig Treat (10)
Rabbit Rabbit.png Rabbit 8 to 12 years 4 days 3 days Rabbit's Foot.png Rabbit's Foot (10% chance every 4 days) Generic Treat.png Generic Treat (14)Rabbit Treat.png Rabbit Treat (14)
Sheep Sheep.png Sheep 8 to 12 years 5 days 4 days White Wool.png White Wool(Every 7 days)
Depends on sheep colour
Generic Treat.png Generic Treat (2)Sheep Treat.png Sheep Treat (29)
Wolf Wolf.png Wolf 10 to 13 years 5 days 7 days N/A Generic Treat.png Generic Treat (24)Dog Treat.png Dog Treat (3)